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From 6pm Every Thursday




St Mungo Battered Fish & Chips - $218

lightly battered, double fried hand cut chips, minted pea purée, tartare sauce

英倫炸魚薯條柳 | 炸手切粗薯條。薄荷青豆醬。他他醬


Bottled / Canned Beers of Your Choice


St Mungo

scottish lager, brewed to german purity law

Big Wave Bay IPA

brewed in hk to be deliciosly dry & hoppy

Heidi Weisse

Bavarian style wheat beer

Gweilo IPA

award winning british style IPA


* Available while stocks last


* Applies only to the products above

*Menus, prices, T & C’s are subject to change at anytime. In the event of dispute the menu presented in house shall overide anything displayed here, and the decision of management is final

菜單、價格、條款及細則隨時可能更改。 如有爭議,以店內展示的菜單為準,餐廳亦會保留最終決定權。

Guests with allergy or strong dislike for certain ingredients please ask before ordering any food or beverage    10% service charge applies.

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